Game Off 2020–First week wrap-up

Game Off 2020 cover
  • Room-based multiplayer up to 8 players per room
  • In-game progression through levels, stats, skills and different weapons
  • Hosted on a dedicated AWS Gamelift fleet
  • Relatively fast game sessions, aiming for 5–15 minutes on average
  • Low-poly, handmade assets including models, VFX and shaders

So where are we at right now?

We’ve spent the last week brainstorming, prototyping and implementing the core functionalities. The core game loop is not quite done yet, but we’re very close. Multiplayer is working fine, although we’re only running it on LAN for now. We have ships, a basic weapon with multiple levels, scraps that can be collected to gain experience points and a moon that doesn’t really do anything just yet. Leveling up and gaining stat/skill points is also in the game, although there’s no way to use them just yet. The backend code is there though, so it’s just a matter of wiring things together once we have the HUD. We also built a procedural map generator that needs some tweaking and changing, but it does the job. The controls are okay, but still need polishing.

progress video

What do we plan for this week?

There are a couple of things we want to get done. For now we’re going to focus on implementing the whole core gameplay; as in the players will need to be able to destroy the other players’ moons and win the game.



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